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Updated: Jun 6, 2020

As my mother always said, every mickle makes a muckle, which means every little bit counts. When trying to save money, there are many areas in your budget where you can save your pennies. Here are a few money-saving tricks that I have personally been using for years. This will come in handy during these uncertain times.

1. Save on heat and electricity

I personally hated being cold. Once, I investigated how much money I was spending on heating and electricity costs, I knew changes had to be made. Hence, I began wearing warmer clothes in the house, which saves me a few hundred dollars yearly. I also stopped leaving the lights on in the house.

I saved more than $50 monthly.

Since electricity is cheaper in Quebec, you might be able to save more than I did in your area.

2. Save on your cell phone bill

By calling my provider's loyalty department, I was able to negotiate a better rate plan by bundle all my services. I pay much less for 6GB of data, unlimited talk, and text. Also, if you have unlimited internet at home and at work, why would you need more data? Download the Podcast episodes, movies, and music that you will need before leaving the house. This will save you money on data overage fees.

I saved about $80 monthly.

3. Learn to cook

I did not always know how to cook. I was living on takeout. When I check my budget, I realized that I was spending more than $300 monthly on takeout. I asked my mother to teach me how to make my favorite meals. If you have no one to teach you, you can check out these YouTube videos for some ideas. I would make a batch and eat it 3 days out of the week. When I learned more recipes, I continued to add them to my weekly meal plans. Suddenly, I became a good cook. Now, I eat out once monthly, to have a nice meal with family and friends. But I'm cooking all my weekly meals and trying new recipes at home.

I saved over $250 monthly.

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