3 Simple Ways to Save Money on Self-Care Services | Renee & Shanice

Updated: Jun 6, 2020

So that you can pay off your debts and live your dreams

Tip 1. Hair Products Savings

Ladies cutting back on beauty items can save you a lot of money if done wisely. Why buy another tube of mascara or another shampoo that smells like butterflies? Let us no longer fall for the commercials that state that their new conditioner will make our hair magically fuller and more glamourous. It will not! I was buying every product that said that it would make my hair more manageable. Nothing worked! My hair became manageable when I started taking better care of it.

I saved $25 monthly

Tip 2. Mani-Pedi Savings

If you are a nail polish junky like I am, it’s time to consider cutting back on Mani-Pedi that we all love. I started doing my nails myself to save more coins until I was able to afford to treat myself every season. It was hard to deal with chipped nails, but I invested in a better-quality drugstore nail polish. The more you practice, the better you will get. It was a hot mess for me in the beginning too, when painting my nails. But practice makes perfect.

I saved $50 monthly

Tip 3. Hairdresser Saving

You do not have to cutback forever, just until you are back on track financially. I stopped going to the hairdressers to straighten my hair. Since my hair is quite thick, it was challenging to straighten it myself. Also, I know some of you do not even wash your hair. That adds up. You can begin by getting your hair done bi-monthly, then gradually increase the time between salon visits.

I was able to save $50 monthly by doing it myself.

These are minor things that do add up. When you save the money, put it away in a jar or a savings account. These are not permanent cutbacks. Therefore you will be able to enjoy your beauty regiment again. You may use the money as I did, which was as the down payment on my first house.

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