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Updated: Jun 6, 2020

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In North American societies, women were thought of as the betas of the household before the feminist movement of 1960. Jump forward, 60 years, now men are fighting to keep their roles as alphas within their relationship, basing it on who brings home the most money. What most people don't understand is that the Alpha and Beta role are not decided by how much money you make, but by the skills you bring to your relationship.

As the divorce rate increases, the more imperative it is to find the right role, which suits your partnerships.

The Alpha Woman

The alpha was the hyper-masculine partner within the relationship, a bossy dictator who always got his way. But over the years, the alpha role as drastically changed. Now, this role can belong to a woman.

The modern-day alfa is the person deciding where to go on vacation or taking the lead role in a business presentation. She is the go-to decision-maker of the team.

In her past, she was the one who was extremely comfortable taking the lead in-class projects and team activities.

But there are two sides to this leader, as she's not a detail-oriented person. She can choose which country to travel too, but she's unwilling to take the time to look for the best deals or the fastest routes to get to the destination.

The Beta Woman

Betas, on the other hand, are known as sensitive, weak, and submissive. The stay at home wife, who never contradicts her husband, but over the years things have changed.

The modern-day beta is the one who plans the best vacations for all her girlfriends. She’s the one who remembers to pay the bills on time and the one who creates the roadmap that leads the team towards big goals.

Betas are not submissive in the less, but they do not need glory and attention. When the team wins, they win.

The alpha is nothing without the beta and vice versa.

The point I’m coming to is that both roles are equally important in a relationship. And no roll is permanent since one might take the lead when it comes to personal finance but will give up the leadership role when it comes to planning holidays.

The trouble is that most people want to be great at everything by forcing themselves into a role they never wanted. Then resent their partner, friends, family members, or coworkers for not giving them the right position for their skillset.

As a Beta, who is an Alpha roll, I'm able to see both points as a single parent. I'm the decision-maker and the planning comity, all in one.

Please share if you’re a beta, an alpha, or both like me. Also, ask your friends what they think of the matter. Let me know in the comments below.

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