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Updated: Jun 6, 2020

Good morning Honey’s Happy Thursdays,

How are you feeling today?

As more businesses are announcing their reopening and people are getting ready to go back to work, emotions are running high. As for the lucky few who can work from home, this is a great time to evaluate your current workflow and time management routines. With less commuting, you’ll be able to wake up earlier and create a morning routine that works with your new schedule.

Reese Witherspoon: “I try to squeeze in exercise because it changes my brain, and I’m a nicer person when I exercise.”

Kerry Washington: "I start my day drinking a liter of water with lemon and sometimes a little bit of stevia."

Oprah Winfrey: “I have a series of spiritual exercises that I do every day. Reading Gathered Truths which contains the teachings of the Sufis, a Middle Eastern sect that believes all paths lead to God and that all religions are one, pointing to the same north star.”

Melinda Gates: “I do meditation, some stretching, yoga, and I always do some kind of spiritual reading”

Therefore, my current mission is to build a great morning routine for myself, one which includes meditation, exercise, bible study, and yoga daily. I believe, by doing these activities first thing in the morning, it will clear my path to a more productive workday.

Take heed not to do this during work hours, since companies are monitoring their employee’s activities, while they are working from home. For example, regular check-ins, the monitoring of employee Google searches, and their time spent online. Also, not all people who are currently working from home during this pandemic will continue too. Only the people who have shown to be more productive working from home will keep that privilege.

Hence, it’s time to get ourselves organized and manage our time like the girl bosses that we are. And to stop viewing our working from home as a free pass to wearing sweatpants in our zoom meeting. But to create a balance within our environments and minds.

Vive la revolution!

Please share your morning routine with us, so that we might be more inspired to stick to ours.

TTYL and by the way…Have a great day

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