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Updated: Jun 6, 2020

Good morning Honey’s Happy Friday & National Chocolate Chip Day!

How are you ladies doing this morning?

With today being Nation Chocolate Chip Day, I figure we should compare our favorite desserts to our spending personalities. Does this not sound like fun? Put down your prepackaged cake mix and let's figure out our money personalities together. In the same way, we have our favorite treats, we also follow the same patterns in our money personalities as women.

The Spender – Diamond Fruitcake

She is materialistic without being realistic. She lives to empress people within her circle. From the latest handbags to cars, she will spend any sum to gain attention. The Spender must be the most extravagant person in the room.

Like the cost of a Diamond Fruitcake, she leads an excessive life without purpose.

The Avoider – Apple Crumble

This dame will not confront her finances, hiding her head in the sand like an ostrich from her financial problems. By placing her unopened bills in a drawer, she's able to live a blissful life. The more she avoids financial stresses, the more her problems grow in the shadows. Hence, the cycle continues. Until her financial problems get so massive that she must file for bankruptcy or worst she ends up on the street.

Eventually, like the Apple Crumble, her financial wellbeing will also Crumble.

The Acquirer – Chocolate Chip Cookies

She is a woman who's interested in acquiring wealth at the cost of her personal life. She spends much of her time working but never enjoying the fruits of her labors. Her joy comes from seeing the stuff she as accumulated over time.

The same way flour loves Chocolate Chips but put too much, and your ratios will be way off. She must find her balance before she works herself into an early grave.

The Depriver – Any Sugar-Free Dessert

She doesn’t enjoy having money, and she may believe that money truly is the root of all evil. She does not speak about money nor makes any reference to it.

Just like Any Sugar-Free Dessert, she misses out on the small pleasure of life. I know too much sugar will give you diabetes, but not enough will make you financially sour.

The Debtor – Cheesecake

This woman will barrow the clothes off your back if she could. She looks at credit like it’s free money and she as no intention of paying it back. She will be at McDonald’s buying fries on her credit card. Her credit score is in the toilettes, and her family and friends hate when she comes around borrowing money.

Like Cheesecake, she’s high in density but weak in value for money.

Can you tell that I was getting hungry while writing this post?

The golden question is which dessert are you? I’m an Acquirer & a Spender, I find myself taking things to the extreme on either side.

TTYL…Share your answer or answers…remember this is a safe place

P.S. Have a Great Weekend...Let's talk again Monday at 7 am...It's a date ☺

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