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Updated: Jun 6, 2020

It is hard to find extra money during difficult times, whether it is due to jobs lost or the financial debt. Here are 3 tips that I use in my own life to save money on grocery’s weekly. Although these seem like small savings, over a month, they will add up to a couple of hundred dollars. And who cannot use a couple hundred, but you must actually put those savings to good use.

1. Make your grocery list before leaving the house

Preparation is key to saving money. The golden rule of grocery shopping is to always shop with a list. But more than a grocery list, you need to know the layout of your grocery store. Since grocery chains hire experts to create the best store layout to entice their customers. This is why the chocolates and candies are located at checkout.

You are more likely to succumb to temptation before your items land on the conveyor belt. Supermarket encourages the fact that two-thirds of the things we purchase are not intentional. Therefore, your mission is to only buy what is on your list and nothing else. This is easier said than done mind you. Consequently, if you follow your list, you won't have to worry about going over your budget.

2. Know the price of your household staples

Learning the cost of your household staples might seem overwhelming. Since you know the price of milk, eggs, and bread. You then instinctively know when those items are overpriced. By price matching all your items, you're taking saving money to the next level. Since stores like Walmart & Maxi “price match” items from other grocery chains. There might be as much as a 15% difference in identical grocery orders at two different stores in the same area.

How to price match?

I personally use the Circulaires on my phone to check all my local grocery store prices. When making my weekly grocery list, I make a note of the store where I found the lowest price. When I get to the cash, I pull out my phone and price match by showing the cashier the location, date, and item price. Voila, you've price matched and saved money.

3. Get grocery store points and cashback on credit card purchases

If you are buying your groceries with a credit card, please remember to get your Cashback instead of rewards. Because it will be more useful to you than a new toaster. Also, if you can collect store points at the same time, do so. Because those will add up over time.

Bonus Tips – Never go grocery shopping when you are hungry. Most people tend to purchase more items that are not on their grocery list when they have not eaten.

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