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Updated: Jun 6, 2020

Good morning Honey’s, Happy Sherlock Holmes Day & Friday!

How is your morning going?

Somethings wrong, my bank account is empty. Where did all my money go?
“Come, Watson, come! The game is afoot.”

With all the free time that we are enjoying during this virus, we must watch out for boredom spending. It’s easy to be enticed by retailers who are offering many items at a reduced price. Grocery shopping can also be a problem as owners have raised their prices on essential products by 3.4%. If you’re not keeping track of where your money is going, you will be broke by the end of this quarantine.

We must create spending rules that will keep us on track. Shop for groceries weekly, not only because of the hassles of disinfecting everything and mask-wearing but because there will be less overspending. Begin by organizing your fridge and cupboards. Then make a list of what is needed to purchase for your home.

I’ve also taken the time to organize my home so that everything has a place since Amazon is just a simple click away. They make it easy for us to add things to our cart. Their free shipping gets me every time. I found myself this morning looking at Apple Watch bands. The sad part is I don’t even own an Apple Watch. Can we say the problem?

How to stop your money from escaping your bank account?

1. Keep a record of what your spending in a small notebook. At the top of the page, write down how much money you have to spend and every time you spend a penny.

Create 4 columns

Where   	When  		How Much   		Balance

2. Never shop without first making a list. No matter what it is, from clothes to home décor to food.

3. Organize your house to know what you are missing, which will decrease your overspend. When replacing items in your home, make sure to check how often the item was used by your family.

I recently found out that we no longer drink milk in my home. I was buying milk, but it kept expiring, and no one noticed.

4. Do whatever it takes to cut out shopping when you are bored at all costs. By replacing it with more productive activities like reading, exercising, or Netflix watching. 

Well, that’s it for this week. I hope that you enjoyed getting organized at home. Next week I’ll be featuring saving money from the best place to keep it to dreaming bigger.

TTYL and by the way…Have a great weekend ☺

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