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Updated: Jun 6, 2020

Good morning Honey’s,

How is your morning going?

In the last three months, many changes as taken place in society. As it wasn’t the norm to work from home, companies have realized the errors of their ways. Media giant Twitter is considering a permanent work from home policy for its employees. I believe that smaller businesses will soon follow suit. So perhaps by 2022, working from home will become the new normal for most people.

But not everyone is cut out to work from home. Employers worry that their personnel won’t perform optimally without supervision. So how do you create a work-life balance, working from the comfort of your own home? With so many distractions at your fingertips. From your comfortable bed to your bottles of wine. So, last week we spoke about creating a routine that will enhance your productivity.

Start by thinking about how you truly want your time to be spent. Working from home can be life-changing if you let it. Since you won't have to go into the office regularly, you no longer have to live in the city. You can live in the county or a tropical island with access to WI-FI, creating an optimal work environment.

To achieve this, show your superiors that you are trustworthy by completing your projects and tasks on time. Be prepared and present at all meetings. To become invaluable to your company. No more excuses, it’s time to create the work-life balance of your dreams.

Quit overspending, by cutting your expenses, so that you can save up to create the life of your dreams. Whether your goals are to travel the world or a quiet life in the country, begin saving money so that you can afford it.

The time is now ladies.

No more complaining about how horrible traffic is and by begin creating more time for yourself.

So, what are your goals and/or your dream life? Please share☺ This is an empowering space.

TTYL and by the way…Have a great day

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