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Updated: Jun 6, 2020

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Reports are coming out, declaring that many people are seeking to move from the city centers to the suburbs or the country. Since many have been stuck inside their apartments due to this virus for weeks. This might be a great idea because as someone who has made the move from the city to the country, it is definitely a more spacious living situation.

But country living comes at a price. If you currently work in the city, you will be paying a higher price towards your daily commute. You will have a limited selection of restaurants and shopping centers. By 9 pm, most small towns shut down completely, and after that time, the only people who are out, are walking their dogs.

If you’re ready to give up your premium coffee shops and access to everything within minutes of your front door, then country living is for you.

Since there are fewer rental properties, you will most likely be making your first large purchase and becoming a homeowner. But first, you will need a down payment. Don’t be discourage. You can start saving today for your future home.

By storing away all your pennies, in a savings account, earmarked for your future home purchase. You can name the account: ‘the get out of my crappy apartment fund’. You should only be able to deposit money into this account but no withdrawals privilege without physically going into the bank.

Put a bow on this account and only untie it when you've saved enough for your down payment.

Are you considering leaving the city? Please share your reasons? I’m curious.

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