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Updated: Jun 6, 2020

Good morning Honey’s, Happy Tuesday

How are you ladies feeling today?

We’re all receiving emails from every clothing store none to man. Sending us sales notices of 50%, 60% to 75% off or buy one get two free, which are overcrowding our inboxes. In the hopes of tempting us, the consumers into purchasing their new clothing this season. Not to mention, all the YouTubers doing pointless closet clear-outs to trick us into buying this season fast fashion. Stop! We must not throw away perfectly good money on clothes that no one will see. Fast fashion is no longer a thing. Ladies let’s not buy into this!

Retailers are clever, they are dangling the carrot in front of us. Tempting us to purchase their products which we don’t need and/or can’t afford during this crisis.

This morning The Gap came out stating that their stores will be reopening. However, the dressing rooms will be remaining closed. I don’t know about you, but when I purchase something without trying it on first, it ends up being thrown to the back of my closet. It will be either two sizes too small or too big. I will then promise myself that I will lose the extra pounds, but I won’t.

Let’s put our heads together and changes our mindset to grow our savings pots, which we'll use to create our emergency fund. There has to be something that you would personally like to save for, travel, a Chanel bag, or buying your own home. Since we don’t know where this situation will take us.

Whatever you do with the money, stop giving it away or spending it on things that you will not be able to wear or use.

Personally, I know, I’m no longer a size 8 since right now my weight is a mystery to me and it will remain that way until this quarantine is over.

Share your feelings…do not be shy ladies this is a safe space.

TTYL…Have a great day!

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