Social media is the cornerstone of our company. Since our mission is to empower women with personal financial advice. It is a woman's right to learn and understand money management. Because, for the first time in history, we're making more money than ever before. 



Money Management Help

Our mission is to provide women with our knowledge of personal finance as young women. We will give you useful information to remove the mysteries of money management. Providing information so that you can make better financial decisions has ladies.


What’s great about this show is that it includes a daily blog so that we never leave you hanging when it comes to growing as women. We take the time to answer all your questions about credit, debts, loans, and savings.


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As women, we have questions regarding what other women are going through. We overthink most things from relationships to dealing with our personal life.


This show was created for us as females to have an open discussion between each other. In this show, we answer your questions and discuss topics that women face daily. From relationship issues to getting to know you're true self. We believe that once we have an open dialogue between women, we can help each other grow.


As sisters, we believe in sisterhood and open honest conversation. Join us as we continue to empower women with each episode.


How to Afford Your Dream Life on a Small Budget

The reason why most people don’t follow their dreams is that they can’t afford to.


Does Your Sweet Tooth Match Your Money Personality

Comparing your favorite desserts to your spending personalities.


Quite the Shopping

and Save Money Instead

Fast fashion is no longer a thing. Ladies let’s not buy into this!




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